“An intervention does not so much create a crisis as it compiles the many crises in the life of the afflicted person in such a way that they loom so frighteningly large that they cannot be denied any longer.”

If you are visiting this website, likely you are very concerned about someone who has an alcohol and/or a drug problem.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are serious problems affecting many lives. Family members, relatives, friends and colleagues are also seriously impacted. Marriages are often ruined, children hurt, careers ended, relationships and friendships destroyed. Often, there are legal, health and even fatal consequences. The good news, however, is that both alcoholism and drug addiction are treatable illnesses and most do recover following treatment. An Intervention begins when some concerned person(s) decides that he or she has seen enough and realizes that the person they love is destroying his or her life and is greatly affecting others who care about them.

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