What is an Intervention?

An Intervention is a proactive process whereby concerned persons form a team, plan, come together and take action to help the person they are concerned about. Usually, the team is led by an intervention professional.

What is the goal of an Intervention?

The immediate goal is to offer and provide professional help, usually in the form of a treatment program, to the individual in crisis. However, the individual is not the only person affected by alcoholism and/or addiction. Family members have suffered as well and are often in crisis. Thus, another goal is to assist the family.

How do we know whether an Intervention is appropriate?

Once you have decided you can no longer accept and stand idly by while the person you care about destroys his or her life. The immediate goal of an Intervention is to have the person agree to accept professional help for an alcohol and/or drug problem.

Can an Intervention make things worse if it is not successful?

Usually this is not the case. The Intervention team speaks to the individual in a loving and caring manner without shaming, blaming or creating guilt. Once the person hears that everyone present at the Intervention genuinely cares about them and wants to see him or her get help, any anger usually begins to subside. Often, the individual is quite relieved when help is offered.

Who should be there during the Intervention?

Those that care about the person and have the respect and trust of the individual should always be present. Most of the time these persons are family, friends and colleagues or co-workers. An Intervention can be successful regardless of the number of people present.

What happens after the Intervention?

Ideally, the individual enters a treatment program immediately. Arrangements with an appropriate treatment program are made in advance including transportation, if necessary.

How do we prepare for an Intervention?

Proper planning is essential. An Intervention professional will assist in planning and coach team members throughout the process. The Intervention usually takes about an hour. However, preparation and planning may take several days, or even weeks. The important thing is to begin. Situations involving serious problems with alcohol and drugs rarely, if ever, get better without help.