Free and Low-Cost Rehab Options

We do not receive compensation for referrals to any treatment programs. Feel free to contact us at 800-805-0499, or through our online inquiry form, for specific recommendations based upon your unique situation. We do not charge for an initial consultation and strategy session.

Bridge House / Grace House

New Orleans, LA

We empower the addicted with the tools for a lifetime of recovery. For over 65 years, it has been our mission to provide substance-use disorder treatment services to those who have lost everything – individuals who do not have the resources for private treatment: the homeless, indigent, uninsured, underinsured, and/or unemployed.


Chattanooga, TN

CADAS was founded in 1964 by a small group of Chattanooga Businessmen and Clergy who felt a communal calling to help those afflicted with the disease of addiction. We offer a broad continuum of care for adults and adolescents ranging from medical detox to residential treatment to transitional sober living and halfway houses. CADAS Mission is to Deliver the Highest Quality Treatment, Prevention & Educational Services to the Chemically Dependent, Their Families and the Community At Large Regardless of Their Ability to Pay.

Dallas 24 Hour Club

Dallas, TX

In 1969, Lee Tillman founded Dallas 24 Hour Club as a place to be open 24 hours per day for individuals suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction who were seeking help. The story goes…one night about midnight in June 1969, Lee was 12-Stepping a man when the building was getting ready to close. Lee tried to explain that he couldn’t leave this man whom he was trying to help. Words were exchanged and Lee and this man were forced to leave before finishing their conversation. This incident had such an affect on Lee that he came up with the idea for The 24. A few weeks later, he opened Dallas 24 Hour Club.

Over the years, Dallas 24 Hour Club has grown to include our facility on Ross Avenue with 78 beds and our Tillman House, an 18-unit apartment complex with 41 beds. Each year, we help over 600 people get off the streets, find employment, reconnect with their families, learn to live independently, and most importantly, recover from drugs and alcohol.

Haven for Hope

San Antonio, TX

Haven for Hope addresses the root causes of homelessness by offering programming tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Our approach is person-centered, trauma-informed and recovery-oriented. The goal is to meet individuals where they are and support them as they move toward self-sufficiency.

Homeward Bound, Inc.

Dallas, TX

Since 1980, Homeward Bound, Inc. has helped more than 250,000 people move toward sobriety. Now serving 19 counties in North Texas and 6 counties in Far West Texas, we are the largest and one of the oldest and most respected non-profit substance abuse and mental health treatment agencies in Texas. With 5 different facility locations in Texas, we strive to provide the comprehensive care that every individual working toward recovery deserves.

A large part of our mission has always been to divert people from going to jail or prison. Our founder and executive director, Douglas W. Denton, designed and operated the first jail diversion program in Texas – and one of the first in the nation. Homeward Bound, Inc. is the go-to resource for judges, attorneys, probation officers, public hospital emergency rooms, and law enforcement officers and a lighthouse of hope for Texas communities.

We provide intensive residential treatment on a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week basis. Each client is assigned to a licensed counselor and a treatment team that guides treatment every step of the way – from detox to residential treatment to outpatient counseling – who supports re-entry to the outside world. We give clients the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual help they need to move to a full, healthy life.

Twelve-step programs and peer counseling are integral parts of treatment. We also provide training for professionals seeking to maintain their licenses through continuing education and for people beginning their training as addiction specialists.

We accept private insurance, and we have federal, state, and private foundation grant funding to cover people who cannot pay for treatment.

Se habla español: Varios miembros de nuestro personal hablan español con fluidez, y ofrecemos un programa completo de idioma español en nuestras instalaciones en El Paso.

The Magdalen House

Dallas, TX

First Step is a two-week, residential recovery program that consists of daily recovery education, support from recovered volunteers, and more. It is open to an alcoholic woman or man who is struggling to stop drinking, who is seeking education and resources to achieve sobriety and to build a foundation of recovery.

100% free – no insurance, no co-pays, no out of pocket costs
Phone screenings and admissions are accepted 365 days a year
14-day, residential stay that includes meals, toiletries, and other basic living necessities
12-Step focused curriculum with an intensive orientation to the spiritual solution through 53 solution-focused classes, meetings, and workshops
Beds are available on a first-come, first-served basis
Fully trained staff who are also individuals in recovery from alcoholism, many of whom are program alumni

Daily conversation with recovered alcoholics who volunteer their time

Daily phone time

Weekly family visitation
Assistance with connections to sober living, counseling, health, and more


Fort Worth, TX

MHMR provides comprehensive treatment for recovery through our Substance Use Disorder Services, one of the oldest and largest providers of trauma-sensitive substance use treatment in Tarrant County and the surrounding area. MHMR offers a continuum-of-care for both adults and adolescents, including those with limited resources. During your screening, staff will discuss your eligibility and payment options. Adult & Adolescent Substance Use Services Based on a sliding scale, services may be covered through Medicaid, private insurance, or private pay. Pine Street Rehabilitation Center is a 50-bed residential substance use treatment facility whose primary goal is to help people with alcohol or substance use problems learn to live without using drugs and/or alcohol. Our licensed staff provides skills training, counseling, and support to our patients as they develop a new way of living. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Atlanta, GA

MARR is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing lasting recovery to individuals and families impacted by the disease of addiction and substance use through evidence-based, cost-effective, gender-specific treatment programs. MARR mentors all clients in a disciplined, caring and respectful environment. The needs of each client are addressed to foster long-term recovery – physically, mentally and spiritually. MARR Addiction Treatment Centers specialize in treating individuals whose lives have been destroyed by addiction. Relying on 48 years of experience in the treatment industry, MARR identifies each individual’s underlying issues and uses clinically proven techniques to treat them

Nexus Recovery Center

Dallas, TX

Nexus Recovery Center serves as a community of hope and recovery for all women and their families who strive to live healthy, resilient lives. Nexus is a non-profit organization based in Dallas, Texas offering a range of treatment options to the North Texas area for women facing substance use, alcohol use, and addiction, including residential treatment for women age 18 and up, residential treatment for pregnant and parenting women, intensive outpatient treatment, medical detoxification, medication assisted treatment, psychiatric services, a fully licensed childcare center, and peer support services.

The Salvation Army

Fort Worth & Dallas, TX

For more than 100 years The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers have provided spiritual, social, and emotional assistance for men and women who have lost the ability to cope with their problems and provide for themselves. Centers offers residential housing, work, and group and individual therapy, all in a clean, wholesome environment. The physical and spiritual care that program participants receive prepares them to re-enter society and return to gainful employment. Many of those who have been rehabilitated are reunited with their families and resume a normal life.

The Salvation Army Men’s Residential Treatment Programs:

Fort Worth, TX –
Dallas, TX –
Fort Worth – 817-834-6271
Dallas – 214-630-5611

Solutions of North Texas

Denton, TX

Founded in 2006, Solutions of North Texas exists to treat substance use disorders and to advocate for our clients, for their families, and for those who suffer. Solutions of North Texas offers a full range of substance abuse treatment services. We also provide guidance to families, leading individuals and families toward a full and happy life in recovery.

We do this by offering a full range of substance abuse treatment services and providing guidance to families, leading them toward a full and happy life in recovery.

Serenity House

Abilene, TX

For almost forty years, we have helped over 36,000 patients recover from substance use disorders. Our comprehensive program equips clients with important mental, physical and emotional resources. Rather than relying on just one approach, we craft a personalized treatment program to meet the unique needs of each individual.

We utilize an evidence-based curriculum, and our detox program is overseen by experienced nurses and physicians who implement a safe, healthy detoxification plan based on each client’s drugs of choice and intoxication levels.

Victory Fort Worth

Fort Worth, TX

The Men’s Home and the Women’s Home both offer a free six-month recovery program for the substance abuser who has a desire to change. The Victory Home provides an opportunity to establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the Biblical principles of love, authority, supervision, and discipline. In a family atmosphere, a new sense of identity, security, responsibility, and unconditional acceptance is cultivated, while a person’s character begins to change.

Inspiring them to achieve against the odds, the Home fights the common myth, “Once an addict, always an addict.” Through the services provided, the down-and-out rejects of society turn into productive members who are able to accomplish extraordinary things to improve their lives while helping others at the same time. While many of the residents come from dysfunctional backgrounds, the ministry aims to heal past wounds, reverse years of neglect, restore the proper role in the family, and nurture a man or woman spiritually and into maturity of character. Our ministry accepts its commission to “go ye” with great conviction; reaching out and dealing with society and inner cities’ most pressing people problems, evangelism becomes a lifestyle.