Our Licensed Team

For more than twenty years, Recovery Alternatives has professionally facilitated successful addiction interventions throughout the United States and Canada. We have been honored to work with families, friends, colleagues and employers of individuals struggling with the ravages of alcoholism, addiction to drugs of all types, or abuse/dependency to prescription medications. Based upon our knowledge of treatment resources throughout the United States, we make treatment recommendations which are clinically appropriate as well as financially realistic. Our experienced interventionists will assist in the entire process of planning the intervention, preparing the team, and facilitating the intervention and accompanying the individual to the selected treatment program.

Our team consists entirely of state licensed professionals based in the Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas with specific training and experience facilitating interventions and getting individuals into treatment programs. If you are concerned about someone you care about and would like to discuss a possible intervention, please give us a call today. Your call will be held in the strictest of confidence. To talk with an intervention professional now call: 1-800-805-0499.

Sonny McCutcheon headshot photo

C.C. “Sonny” McCutcheon, LCDC, LAC

Sonny McCutcheon, founder of Recovery Alternatives, has extensive experience working with families, friends and colleagues to help facilitate the changes necessary to break the downward spiraling cycle of addiction or alcoholism. Applying a structured team approach to the intervention process, Sonny has worked successfully to guide those who care about the individual through the entire intervention process. Sonny has close working relationships with addiction and alcoholism treatment programs and an extensive network of alcoholism and addiction professionals across the country.

    • Nationally Known Speaker, Panelist, Trainer and Presenter on Intervention

    • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor – State of Texas (LCDC #9159)

    • Licensed Addictions Counselor – State of Louisiana (LAC #315)

    • 25+ years Professional Experience in Addiction/Alcoholism Treatment

    • Provider of Continuing Education in Intervention, Addiction/Alcoholism Treatment

    • B.B.A. Texas Christian University – Fort Worth, Texas

    • Alcoholism/Addiction Education & Professional Training – Southern University, New Orleans, Louisiana

    • Member NAADAC – National Association of Addiction Professionals

    • Member TAAP – Texas Association of Addiction Professionals

    • US Department of Transportation Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

Headshot photo of John Patton

John Patton, LCSW

John is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and interventionist. He earned two Bachelor of Arts Degrees at Austin College in 2002. One of his degrees was in Psychology and the other in Business Administration. In 2006, John received his Masters in the Science of Social Work with an emphasis in direct clinical practice from the University of Texas at Arlington. His studies were focused on all aspects of mental and behavioral health with the majority of his experience being in the field of substance abuse and addiction.

​John works with people of all ages, and specializes in working with individuals who are in extreme denial. John combines his education with his professional and personal life experience to create an environment where positive change can occur. John first stepped into the field in the Spring of 2002, while interning for a psychotherapist in Dallas. Since then, John has equipped himself to be the most effective counselor and interventionist as possible.

John is extremely passionate about his work and views helping others as more of a calling than a job. He has an ability to relate to others which allows them to feel that they are not alone in their fight. He does his best to help those in need and is available to answer any questions you may have.

A structured family intervention is the most effective way to get someone the help they need, and John is the perfect facilitator for this process. John has a powerful testimony concerning how alcohol negatively impacted his own life, and he is not afraid to share his story with families, in an attempt to help them realize that there is always hope.

Aside from doing interventions, John also owns Patton Sober Living. Patton Sober Living consists of three transitional living homes where young adult males can come to live after inpatient treatment for addiction. For more information on Patton Sober Living, please click on the following link: www.PattonSoberLiving.com

Headshot photo of Kayla Longino

Kayla Longino, LPC

Kayla is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Interventionist. Kayla received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Texas in Rehabilitation Studies with a minor in Sociology. She continued her education and obtained her Master’s Degree in Counseling, with a focus on addiction studies.

Kayla has called North Texas home for most of her life. She is a proud and devoted wife and mother to 3 great kids. For years Kayla worked diligently to help families and professionals find treatment as an Intake and Admissions Counselor at a residential treatment facility for addictions in North Texas. She worked closely with the treatment team at a dual diagnosis program that focuses on substance abuse, alcoholism, eating disorders, and other behavioral addictions. Kayla has worked with hundreds of families learning and teaching how to steer loved ones into treatment. She understands how overwhelming and confusing the admission process can be and strives to eliminate that stress throughout the intervention.

Kayla’s experience has led her to an in-depth knowledge about the numerous treatment centers and addiction professionals working throughout the United States. She understands how important a quality treatment center is to the recovery process. She will be able to provide referrals that will best meet an individual’s clinical, medical, and financial need, as well as collaborate with colleagues to find appropriate care.

Kayla understands first-hand how painful and terrifying it is to have a loved one struggle with addiction and mental health issues. It can be a very helpless feeling, yet with appropriate action there is hope for the individual and the family. The goal is to realign the family dynamic, taking the power away from the addicted individual and giving it back to the family. It is about moving the family out of crisis and making help available. She works very closely with the team of people involved in the intervention to provide education, support, and guidance throughout the entire process. Addiction is a family disease, and Kayla believes the intervention process is as much about the family as it is the addicted individual. When the family recognizes there is a problem, the conspiracy of silence is broken and they are no longer held hostage by the addiction.

Kayla will be there every step of the way until the person finds the care they need. Recovery is possible; please call Kayla today if you have a loved one that needs help.

David Baldwin headshot photo.

David Baldwin, LPC, LCDC

When David found recovery in 2002, he felt called to work in the field of addiction counseling. He sold his business, earned his Masters degree and became a licensed counselor. David’s professional experience includes work as a substance abuse therapist in a dually-licensed behavioral health hospital in Midland Texas, a private practice specializing in addiction counseling, and now, his true professional calling as a clinical interventionist, specializing in substance addictions.

David has extensive experience as a clinical interventionist, providing his services across Texas: in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Midland/Odessa, and now is based in Plano. He has extensive knowledge of many different treatment programs, both inpatient and outpatient, throughout Texas. Families find that David’s professional experience and expertise, his knowledge of addiction treatment alternatives, as well as his empathy and understanding, are both reassuring and affirming. The myriad of treatment alternatives and decisions involved with getting a loved one into treatment can be most challenging and overwhelming. David calmly and professionally guides the entire process towards a successful intervention and a positive treatment outcome.

Before becoming a licensed counselor, David owned and operated a successful retail business in Odessa for 20 years. His two sons grew up there and are now professionals in the fields of medicine and education, living in the Dallas area.

Vickye Key headshot photo

Vickye Key, LCDC

Vickye is highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in navigating complex cases, as well as in determining appropriate treatment and recovery options for Mental Health, Behavioral Health, and Substance Use Disorders. She has established strong relationships with treatment programs and professionals across the country and will recommend appropriate and available options for families and their loved one. Cases are often extremely complicated with co-occurring addictions, mental health issues, physical health issues, or eating disorders. Vickye is compassionate and dedicated to bringing about positive changes to individuals and families. She understands when a family reaches out to her, they are most likely in a crisis and are often feeling fear and a sense of hopelessness. The first call can be the most difficult for a family. However, this is the first step in the healing process. Her goal is to offer the family hope and to support and guide the family through the entire intervention and treatment process.

Vickye has been in recovery for 22 years and speaks to her clients in an honest, direct and compassionate manner about taking the necessary steps needed to heal. Her gift is an ability to accurately assess family dynamics and offer the best resources to help each family in a personal and professional manner. She has eleven years of clinical intervention experience successfully working with families in the DFW area, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Louisiana, Michigan, and Oklahoma.

Vickye has extensive knowledge in all aspect of treatment including inpatient/outpatient/aftercare, as well as experience working with the criminal justice system, CPS and Drug Courts. Every situation and set of problems are unique, but there is a solution, and Vickye will determine and recommend the best treatment options for her client families.

Vickye was born in Fort Worth. She has lived in New Jersey and Louisiana, but Cowtown called her back home. She has been married to her husband for 21 years. They are blessed with six grandchildren. In her spare time, she loves gardening, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

  • Texas Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, 2008
  • Advanced Drug Counselor Certification (ADC)
  • Degree in Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder, 2006
  • Member of Texas Association of Addiction Professionals, 2008 to present
  • President – Fort Worth Chapter, Texas Association of Addiction Professionals, 2015 -18