Treatment Options

Over the years, we have worked with the treatment programs listed below (alphabetically) and have seen positive recovery results for both individuals and for their families. We do not receive compensation for referrals to any treatment programs. Feel free to contact us at 800-805-0499, or through our online inquiry form, for specific recommendations based upon your unique situation. We do not charge for an initial consultation and strategy session.

All Points North

Eagle-Vail, Malibu, Denver, Boulder, DFW and Naples

All Points North prides itself on offering a truly comprehensive array of services to holistically treat each of our clients. Though a large variety of services and modalities are available, our care team works with each client to custom-curate a program specifically for their needs. All clients are offered individual therapy, group therapy (with mutiple groups every day), case management, psychiatry, health and wellness programming, and activity-based therapy. The extent of the services offered, as well as their focus, is often predicated upon the individual needs of each client. APN Lodge offers a myriad of services to help incorporate family members into the healing process of their loved ones at APN Lodge. This includes telehealth family therapy to participate in with your loved one (including family of origin or family of creation). We also offer in-person family therapy services for families with the flexibility to accommodate.

Alta Mira

Sausalito, CA

Compassionate Care for Substance Use & Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders. The journey to recovery starts with integrated care by a team focused on you. Alta Mira Recovery Center, tucked away in comforting and picturesque Sausalito, California, offers tailored residential treatment programming designed to address every aspect of wellness. Our team of psychiatrists, psychologists, masters- and doctorate-level clinicians, and compassionate nurses go beyond the treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health, and co-occurring disorders. We help you identify and heal underlying issues so you can achieve lasting recovery.

The Arbor

Austin and Georgetown, TX

The Arbor represents a new approach to treating men and women struggling to stop the cycle of addiction. We integrate best practices and researched-based therapies and sound 12-step programming with evidenced-based medical services and health technologies in a 90-day experience created to help you or your loved one not only achieve and maintain sobriety, but to introduce them to a future of health and wellness.

Brazos Recovery Services

Morgan, TX

Brazos Recovery Services exists to promote permanent sobriety and complete healing for men afflicted with the disease of addiction. All the direct care staff at Brazos have firsthand experience with addiction and the process of transcendence into a life with purpose, passion and freedom in recovery. Brazos Recovery Services provides a full continuum of care. We offer detox, long term residential care, partial hospitalization, as well as an intensive outpatient program and sober living. Recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction takes time. The length of stay varies at Brazos Recovery’s drug rehab at 30, 60, and 90 days. Our admissions department (254-232-1550) will give you a better idea of the duration of stay based on you or your loved ones needs. Our program at Brazos has been intentionally forged by a staff that has firsthand experience of addiction and, most importantly, long-term recovery. Brazos Recovery Services is located just 90 miles South of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Although our campus was intentionally built in the country, we are just a short drive to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport where the majority of our clients are picked up and brought to our facility.

Burning Tree Ranch

Kaufman, TX

Possibly, your loved one has been through multiple treatment programs but are unable to maintain lasting and permanent recovery. Long-term treatment may be what is missing from the equation. Burning Tree Ranch, with two campuses in Texas, specializes in treating chronic relapse. Our goal is to provide superior long-term care while helping the individual build a foundation for lasting permanent sobriety and recovery.

Cirque Lodge and Studio

Sundance, UT

The mountains are a beautiful and ideal place for healing and recovery from alcoholism or substance abuse. Cirque Lodge has the best of this and more. With alcohol and drug rehab facilities in Sundance and Provo Canyon, we have two very comfortable venues and a nationally recognized addiction treatment program to help you or your loved one overcome their problems dealing with substance abuse and addiction. Our commitment is to provide the most compassionate and competent treatment and dual diagnosis care in the most inspiring setting imaginable!

Driftwood Recovery

Driftwood, TX

Where compassion, courage, and clinical excellence collide to create a truly personalized experience for clients seeking relief from chronic pain, addiction, and co-occurring disorders.

We offer a range of services from a multidisciplinary team of licensed professionals to promote overall wellbeing, including evidence-based psychological therapies to strengthen the mind, physical reconditioning to strengthen the body, and individual and group therapies to strengthen the spirit.


Van Alstyne, TX

At Enterhealth, we offer a better a way to recover from alcohol and drug addiction. With a personalized recovery plan that includes best-in-class addiction therapies, advanced anti-addiction medications and online continuing recovery support, we can address each individual’s unique needs. Enterhealth succeeds where other methods have failed by approaching addiction as a chronic brain disease – utilizing traditional behavioral therapies while also taking into account the physical, psychological, neurological, relational and spiritual aspects of each person.


Steamboat Springs, CO

The Foundry Steamboat Men’s Residential Program treats adult men experiencing substance use, co-occurring mental health conditions, and trauma. This program offers comprehensive, coordinated treatment including medical care, psychiatry, psychotherapy, fitness, and wellness coupled with gender-responsive and trauma-informed approaches. Its focus, milieu, and expertise make this program especially appropriate to men for whom previous treatment episodes have been unsuccessful

The Fullbrook Center

Fredericksburg, TX

The Fullbrook Center is a clinician-owned and operated residential treatment facility for women, designed to assist women in healing from substance abuse, mental health, and trauma. Founded by a husband and wife team, Josh and Jessica Slay, they blend their experience with addiction and clinical expertise to create a unique program for women. The Fullbrook Center is the only boutique facility that is women-only, in-network, ASAM accredited, and specializes in substance abuse and trauma treatment in Texas.

Hanley Center

West Palm Beach, FL

Since 1984, Hanley Center has prided itself on being one of the nation’s most recognized leaders in treatment for the disease of addiction.

Hanley promotes a transition from substance use to enhanced mental, physical, and spiritual health — at any age and any stage of life. Whether you have been dealing with addiction for many years or a recent life event has set off a cycle of substance use, Hanley can help. With clinically sophisticated, holistic, and individualized care, Hanley Center is dedicated to helping patients find lifelong recovery.

Spearheaded by Hanley Foundation, the largest provider of prevention services in Florida, Hanley is a pioneer in addiction treatment services. As an addiction recovery innovator for nearly 40 years, Hanley continues to develop the best and most individualized treatments and services available.

In 1998, Hanley Center became a groundbreaking leader in addiction treatment when it expanded to include care for older adults, pioneering recovery services that delivered individualized assessment and care. Today, Hanley Center applies this philosophy of individualized care across a range of age- and gender-specific addiction treatment programs for men, women, and older adults.

Hannah’s House

South Padre Island, TX

Hannah’s House provides compassionate addiction treatment designed exclusively for women, including those with co-occurring disorders and trauma. Our unique gender-specific program maintains a team of female addiction therapists on South Padre Island, TX. They work tirelessly to help each patient identify their barriers to behavioral recovery and develop coping strategies for total health and wellbeing. The multidisciplinary team at Hannah’s House uses ongoing collaboration to build comprehensive addiction treatment plans that take each woman’s strengths, challenges, and personal history into account. Every day, our licensed medical and clinical professionals share their perspectives and discuss individual solutions for long-term recovery. We find proven clinical recovery interventions through an integrated approach helps each woman recover her authentic self.

Healing Springs Ranch

Tioga, TX

Healing Springs Ranch (HSR) provides a truly “Integrated Addiction Model™” which focuses on the “function” of the addiction as opposed to the “behavior”. This means that we identify and address the underlying “function” of ALL addictive cycles including those patterns seen in most mental health symptoms and diagnoses. Whether a person struggles with alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, anxiety, or is addicted to a process such as gambling, pornography, gaming, shopping, etc., our model recognizes that these symptoms all serve the same purpose- to avoid and medicate the pain. This unresolved pain and/or trauma, in addition to low self-esteem and poor coping skills, create the perfect combination for a desperate need to escape.

Jaywalker Lodge

Carbondale, CO

Jaywalker rehab in Colorado inspires men in early recovery to engage in an authentic journey of healing and self-discovery built upon personal accountability, deep and lasting friendships, and the belief that anything is possible in recovery. Jaywalker is a dual-diagnosis drug and alcohol rehab, near Aspen, specifically tailored to treat men with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health. There is a solution to the hideous, all-consuming disease of addiction. The disease of addiction is treatable, and treatment works. The key is simply this: Effective long-term treatment is not a consequence of our past mistakes in addiction. Rather, effective treatment is – and it must be experienced as – the promise of a bright and hopeful future in recovery.

La Hacienda

Hunt, TX

La Hacienda Treatment Center continues to set the standard in professional residential care facilities for alcohol and drug rehabilitation. For over 40 years, individuals and families seeking to improve their quality of life have come to our serene campus to heal and ultimately join the growing number of those who have successfully left their addictions behind. La Hacienda is one of the leading privately-owned drug and alcohol rehab centers in the state of Texas and is ideal for those desiring to escape the bustling city while working toward a full and lasting recovery from addictions and addictive behavior.

The Last Resort

Smithville and Austin, TX

The Last Resort for men (ages 18 and up) sits on a beautiful 52-acre ranch-style setting in Smithville, TX. With lengths of stay of 45, 60, or 90 days, the program offers 12-step completion and integration, as well as trauma-focused experiential style therapy, with modalities including equine-assisted therapy and Braveheart Experience. Last Resort is in network with most insurance companies.

Longbranch Recovery

Abita Springs, Covington, and Metairie, LA

Longbranch Recovery and Wellness Center is a leading addiction treatment and mental health facility with multiple locations in the greater New Orleans area. Our mission is to provide compassionate, transformative care for individuals struggling with addiction and mental health challenges, helping them embark on a journey of growth and renewal.

Active-duty military personnel face unique challenges that can make them more vulnerable to developing a substance use disorder (SUD). The demands of military life—including high-stress situations, deployments, and the pressure to maintain peak performance—can take a toll on mental health and lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms like alcohol or drug use. By understanding the risks and recognizing the signs of addiction, you can take the first steps toward recovery and reclaiming your life. At Longbranch Recovery & Wellness Center, we’re here to support our active-duty military with specialized addiction treatment designed for the needs of active-duty military personnel.

Substance abuse is a pervasive issue among military veterans, with far-reaching consequences for their physical, mental, and social well-being. The unique challenges and experiences faced by veterans, such as combat exposure, traumatic events, and the difficult transition back to civilian life, can contribute to the development of substance use disorders. Addressing this issue is crucial, as untreated substance abuse can lead to a wide range of negative outcomes, including deteriorating health, strained relationships, financial instability, and even suicide.

Here at Longbranch Recovery & Wellness Center, we offer science-based, specialized rehab programs for veterans of the military service.

Luna Integrative Care

Houston, TX

At Luna, we provide a full spectrum of substance use disorder recovery and mental health services to adults and adolescents. Based in Houston, Texas, we offer elevated residential and outpatient treatment programs that center on the use of clinical therapies and complementary holistic practices to address current experiences and the root causes of substance use disorder and mental health issues.

Our upscale outpatient offices and residential treatment center are beautifully designed to provide an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, where clients feel safe to engage in the challenging and transformative work of recovery and therapy.

The Meadows

Wickenburg, AZ

In the high Sonoran Desert with mountain views and clear skies, The Meadows provides a path to personal completeness and integrity, for those seeking treatment for trauma and addictions, thus serving the individual with a lifelong recovery process. The Meadows is a multi-disorder inpatient facility specializing in the treatment of a broad range of addictions. The facility’s intensive treatment focuses on drug and alcohol addiction, sexual addictions, depression, psychological conditions, affective disorders and compulsive behaviors.

Ocean Recovery

Newport Beach, CA

Just 90 feet from Newport Beach, our separate men’s and women’s inpatient residential treatment centers provide a relaxing and welcoming environment in which to break free from addiction and learn the tools needed for lifelong sobriety. We encourage our clients to make the most of our location and participate in outdoor activities such as surfing, fishing, and paddle boarding. Practicing these active lifestyle habits and building support networks helps clients transition back into their everyday lives once they complete treatment. We are located in Newport Beach, California.

At Ocean Recovery we treat men struggling with any illegal substance, alcohol abuse, or prescription drugs, alongside any underlying mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Gender-specific treatment is key in identifying core issues and traumas that lead to addiction. In a men’s-only facility, the clients of Ocean Recovery can take a deep dive into vulnerability within a safe and healthy environment. We offer extensive lifestyle skills and community support to rebuild relationships and launch into the next chapter of life.

Ocean Recovery women’s program, called “Oceanside,” is designed to provide a safe, nurturing and healing environment for women struggling with substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma and underlying mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and PTSD. Our commitment to treating co-occurring disorders with equal weight and value sets us apart from other treatment centers.

Through a combination of traditional and innovative modalities, our experienced clinicians and therapists help women find freedom from their addictions and mental health struggles and rebuild the lives they deserve. Many women dream of returning to school, the workforce, or their family life with clarity, capability, and esteem. We work hand-in-hand with clients to meet these needs and help women to return to school, pursue a career, or return to their families with new skills that allow them to be more present and connected.

Origins Recovery Centers

South Padre Island, TX

Origins Recovery Center on South Padre Island, Texas specializes in treating men of all ages with addiction and complex co-occurring disorders. Our skilled multidisciplinary team of medical, psychiatric, psychological, and mental health professionals provide sophisticated care that paves the way for lifelong recovery. Rooted in the belief that every man can recover, our program unites the best in advanced clinical therapies and contemporary addiction medicine. Origins’ gender-separate treatment philosophy is built on clinical data and professional experience that support the separation of men into their own milieu as a way to substantially improve outcomes. This environment creates an atmosphere of support where men can improve how they relate to each other, learn to model acceptable behaviors, and participate in the sense of community that is missing during active addiction. Our dedicated professionals facilitate a lasting change in the men we treat: body, mind, and spirit. Everything we do at Origins — from medical care to individual therapy — is for this purpose. We recognize that mental, emotional, and physical health are wholly connected and need to be treated at the same time, in the same place, by the same team.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

Rayville, LA

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center is a longstanding fixture in the Southeast U.S. recovery community and beyond. For over 30 years, we have welcomed clients from all over the nation and the world to our beautiful Rayville residential campus and our six Louisiana outpatient centers. Through consistent service, high-quality treatment and outstanding patient outcomes, we have earned a reputation for excellence that we work tirelessly to maintain. Our passionate team treats every client with empathy and respect, getting to know each individual on a personal level to provide targeted and effective care. Our comfortable amenities ensure a warm and welcoming residential experience, and our full range of levels of care provide equally top-tier treatment for patients requiring detox, specialized approaches or outpatient programming.

The Ranch at Dove Tree

Lubbock, TX

The Ranch at Dove Tree offers Recovery Protection through quality treatment programs for addiction and co-occuring mental health issues. A recovery plan tailored to the individual needs of a client for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction is just as effective as good medical treatments for any other illness. The Ranch at Dove Tree provides separate programs for young adults (18-24) and older adults in a warm, welcoming environment. Each client’s recovery plan is designed to foster the development of essential elements for lifelong recovery.

Retreat at Sky Ridge

Eureka Springs, AR

Retreat at Sky Ridge is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Nestled in the heart of the Ozarks, we are an addiction treatment and wellness center providing evidence-based treatment programs for men and women seeking long-lasting recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders. We are a CARF-accredited facility with a person-centered approach to addiction treatment and long-term recovery.

Retreat at Sky Ridge is committed to providing services that are guided by a person-centered philosophy, ensuring that individuals receiving services are at the center of all decision-making and are actively involved in planning, implementing, and evaluating their own care.

We follow a person-centered philosophy, emphasizing individualized treatment and holistic healing. With respect and dignity, we empower individuals, foster community connections, and promote lifelong learning and growth. Our compassionate aftercare ensures ongoing support beyond recovery.

Renewal Lodge

Elgin, TX

At Renewal Lodge we personalize the care of every client seeking relief from mental health and substance use disorders. Since 2005, our staff has sought to deliver world-class clinical solutions to the issues important to those we serve.

Our approach to treating substance abuse recognizes that those affected by addiction are not limited to the person seeking treatment. We provide a host of services directed towards increased family engagement including weekly updates, collaborative discharge planning, and an intensive 2-day family program led by our CEO, Peter Piraino, LMSW, and Family Program Director, Doug Wade, LMFT. What sets Renewal Lodge apart from other treatment programs is our commitment to results. To create something new, we adopted scientifically proven, evidence-based therapies and intertwined them with Mindfulness and the 12 Steps. As the Nation’s only Mindfulness In Recovery (MIR)® Program, Renewal Lodge seeks to be the most affordable, high-quality treatment provider in the United States. With nearly two dozen in-network contracts, our goal is to make treatment accessible to as many people as possible.

Sabino Recovery

Tucson, AZ

The flagship of Sabino Recovery is our 42-day residential program which provides 24/7 medical and emotional support. Our program is designed to address not only trauma but anxiety, depression, PTSD, and addictions. We address the root trauma early in treatment and support you with a dedicated and experienced staff who create physical and emotional safety through empathetic, compassionate, and consistent treatment. This, in combination with our carefully selected psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and somatic therapies builds the new neural pathways that strengthen healthy self-perception, behavior, connection and support true recovery. Our residential treatment program will allow you to step away from your everyday life to focus solely on healing and recovery. This 24/7 care is important for those whose lives are unmanageable due to the symptoms of trauma as well as the complete hijacking of a life that occurs with addictions.

St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center

Baton Rouge, LA

St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center was founded in 1998 with a vision to provide a wide spectrum of treatment services to men, at an affordable price. We are committed to excellence and are a nationally recognized program, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center offers hope and support to men struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders.

As men enter the program, they are coming into a strong and unified team who are doing the same work and fighting the same battles. As our residents move through phases of the program, they and our many alumni become strong leaders and allies for the newer clients. Many of our brothers remain involved in the treatment program, assisting and supporting the healing process. The brotherhood at St. Christopher’s creates lasting friendships while learning to have fun, be productive, and live life sober. We believe these personal connections and peer support play an important role in one’s desire to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety.

Santé Center for Healing

Argyle, TX

The opportunity to experience life in a new way is available for any individual by learning new tools to disengage from unhealthy behaviors. Individualized treatment plans are co-created by the patient and our multidisciplinary team of professionals. An integral component of our addiction treatment program is daily involvement and evaluation of each patient’s progress by Santé clinicians including psychiatrists, masters level therapists, psychologists, nurses and additional team members. Open, honest, and direct communication between the patient, patient community and the treatment team is fundamental to the healing process, and while in a safe haven, to practice and hone those skills, for life after treatment.

Starlite Recovery Center

Kerrville, TX

Starlite, in Kerrville, Texas, for the past sixty years, has provided exceptional residential treatment for alcohol and substance addiction for adult men and women to reclaim and rebuild lives . Medical care is overseen by our on-site board-certified physician/addictionologist. For young adult males, ages 18-26, an experiential life skills program establishes the necessary foundation for a lifetime of successful recovery. For those who choose to follow or rediscover their Christian belief, an optional faith-based approach to recovery is offered. For those who identify with the LGBT+ community, we offer a specialized recovery program. Starlite also provides treatment for active-duty members of the military, as well as their families/dependents. Treatment modalities include biofeedback to alleviate issues related to anxiety disorders and PTSD, and Medication Assisted Treatment, when necessary. Individual therapy sessions with our licensed counselors are included as well as the intensive family program for the family members.

Stonegate Center

Azle, TX

Stonegate Center is a faith-based, licensed residential treatment center located outside of Fort Worth in beautiful Azle, Texas. We treat those entangled in the physical, mental, social, and spiritual bonds of substance use disorders. We offer a structured and therapeutic environment in which the cycles of addiction and abuse are broken and replaced with essential skills for life. Our residential program and our sober living apartment community, Trevor’s House, combine to provide the continuum of care needed to live a life in recovery. To reach our admissions department please call 817-993-9733.

Valley Hope

Norton, KS

Founded in 1967, Valley Hope provides patient-centered, compassionate care to individuals, families and communities impacted by drug and alcohol addiction.

More than five decades since our beginnings in northwest rural Kansas, Valley Hope has established a national footprint, with 14 treatment centers across the United States, with locations in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas. We have helped more than 350,000 people find hope in recovery and restore their lives.

Valley Hope provides compassionate, patient-centered care, supported by evidence-based therapies and both clinical and medical experts. Our holistic, collaborative approach is centered on the disease model of addiction, tailored to your needs in order to achieve the best outcomes for your long-term recovery.

Your Valley Hope treatment experience is powered by a team of compassionate clinical experts. Our treatment team is comprised of master’s level, licensed therapists that specialize in addiction treatment and recovery. Physicians and registered nurses provide the necessary medical care to ensure your comfort and safety. Your care team will collaborate closely with you to develop an effective treatment plan.

Vista Taos Renewal Center

El Prado, NM

Located in the Taos Valley in northern New Mexico’s Rocky Mountains, Vista Taos Renewal Center unites the visual power of a majestic landscape with exceptional addiction treatment programs. Since 1994, we have provided exceptionally individualized treatment for those seeking help with alcohol and drug addiction. As a dual diagnosis facility, we treat alcohol and substance addictions as well as co-occurring disorders associated with addiction. Regular outings to the awe-inspiring mountains and activities within our stunning valley complement our clinically sophisticated twelve-step based treatment program. The hallmark of our residential recovery center is our patient-centered, individualized program philosophy that understands addictions within the larger context of the whole person.

Whispering Oaks Lodge

Youngsville, LA

Situated a short distance outside of Lafayette in Youngsville, LA, Whispering Oaks Lodge offers a comprehensive rehabilitation experience for men and women who want to recover from drug or alcohol addiction in an environment that has been designed with their comfort in mind.

The Whispering Oaks experience is centered around a concept we call “controlled freedom.” Patients are encouraged to use their cell phones, personal laptops, and tablets. This freedom makes it possible for individuals to actively engage in their day-to-day business activities and responsibilities in the outside world while learning how to implement healthy changes in their personal life.

Our secluded, expansive Youngsville, LA campus is the perfect setting for clients to begin their journey to recovery comfortably and privately. Comfortable accommodations including optional private rooms, catered Cajun cuisine, and high-speed wireless internet throughout the property are just a few of the features incorporated into the inpatient treatment program at Whispering Oaks Lodge.

By design, Whispering Oaks Lodge is a destination for relaxation and wellness; a true southern oasis, spanning 18 acres, nestled among beautiful oak trees and a glistening, 3-acre fishing pond stocked with bass, bream, catfish, and white perch. From the porch swings to the stables, every detail breathes good ol’ Southern hospitality. And of course, it wouldn’t be Louisiana without authentic Cajun cuisine. Discover the many services and amenities within the Whispering Oaks residential program.