Does AA Work?

Many alcoholics and addicts have found their way to recovery thru 12 step programs such as A.A. and N.A. It is also true that many who find their way into the rooms of recovery do so because they recognize their substance use problem. However, there are also those who can not honestly see how their alcohol/drug use has negatively effected their lives and impacted those around them. They are the ones who seem a long way from getting the help they need.  They may face a personal crisis before they can acknowledge the need for help. And even then, that may only be for a breif period before they return to the substance of abuse.

Interventions are a way to bring the alcoholic/addict to a moment of clarity before a tragedy occurs that forces everyone to hit a bottom, not just the alcoholic. A well planned and rehearsed intervention is a highly effective method of helping the addict or alcoholic recognize his addiction and the effect it has had on the ones he loves.

The largest, most rigorous independent study on Alcoholics Anonymous to date shows that AA can help people get sober, stay sober, drink less and suffer fewer consequences of drinking.  Watch scientists John Kelly (Harvard/MGH) and Keith Humphreys (Standard/VA) discuss their findings (published 3/11/20 by the Cochrane collaborative), with commentary from psychologist Gabrielle Jones.  (provided by Stanford University).