Understanding Addiction

Addiction is a complicated biological/psychological/social and spiritual illness.  In the following TED talk, Johann Hari provides a fresh and insightful look at how social connectedness plays a role in addiction and recovery. These videos, along with the information provided on the Recovery alternatives site, are presented for the purpose of providing clear and accurate facts about  addiction/alcoholism and the intervention process.  When you know the facts about alcoholism/addiction then you are better prepared to treat the illness and help the family who is suffering.  It may be difficult for someone without knowledge of substance use disorder to know what course to take. Here are some common questions: When does substance use become a “problem?” What defines the disorder of ‘alcoholism?”  Why do people continue to use/misuse/abuse drugs and alcohol even after suffering severe consequences? When is it time to talk about treatment? Is an intervention necessary?  It is our intention to provide  information useful to anyone seeking answers to these questions.